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Ways of Wrist Injury Prevention at the Workplace

Updated: Apr 6

Did you know that according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report of recorded incidents 2016-2017, hand/wrist injuries were 10.03% of total incidents recorded? Accordingly, hand and wrist safety is very important and every employer must implement ways of wrist injury prevention at the workplace.

Wrist injuries are preventable as long as long as everyone is made aware of the right things to do for safety and a clear safety program is put in place for a healthy workforce as well anyone who may find themselves in the premises.

Let us look at some common wrist injuries and how to to prevent them.

Some common types of wrist injuries

Wrist injuries range from bruising to lacerations and below we are going to discuss the various injuries that can be found on them;

a) Tendonitis

This is a condition that affects the tendons that are located on your wrists due to physical stress causing wear and tear.

b) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is a condition of the wrist caused by a major nerve to the hand being damaged due to it being squeezed causing pain.

c) Ganglion Cyst

This is a lump formed along the tendons of your wrist causing inflammation of the tendons.

d) Trigger Finger

This is a condition where your finger becomes stiff due to the inflammation of tendons on your wrist caused by an injury or stress to your wrist.

What are some of the ways of preventing injuries to the wrist at the workplace?

Below are some of the measures that you can take to prevent injuries in the workplace;

a) Repetitive Motions

You should always take breaks when you feel fatigued and try to change the way you work so it does not become repetitive.

b) Staying in one position

You should also try to change your work position so that you do not strain your muscles e.g. seating on a computer for long hours.

c) Pressure on tendons

Try as much as possible not to stress your wrists while working to avoid inflaming the tendons and muscles.

d) Temperature check

You should always work in a nicely heated environment since cold temperatures tend to put you at risk of developing MSD.

Remember: You should always aim employ ways of wrist injury protection by giving your hands a break and try not to stretch your hand which can, in turn, affect your wrists. Take time to rest and you will surely be able to work well on your projects.

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