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Welcome to Element Services, where distinction meets dedication.

Headquartered in the North Dallas suburb of McKinney, Texas, Element Services stands out as a small business that prides itself on providing a personalized approach to environmental health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) compliance for other small to medium-sized businesses. Our vision is to lead the way in sustainable success for small businesses, envisioning a future where our expertly crafted compliance solutions actively contribute to fostering a world of innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility.


Our Mission

At Element Services, our mission is clear – to empower small to medium-sized businesses to thrive sustainably. Through seamless integration of EHS&S solutions, we ensure compliance, foster a culture of safety and sustainability, and deliver premier solutions. By linking expertise, innovation, and cutting-edge technology, we mitigate risks and uphold the highest safety standards. Our unwavering dedication as the cornerstone of success positions us as a trusted partner propelling clients toward thriving success and responsible business practices, seamlessly integrating compliance, reducing risk, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring long-term prosperity. 


Expertise in EHS&S

Our comprehensive consulting services cover all facets of EHS&S needs. We take pride in crafting customized and holistic strategies for organizations, reflecting our unwavering dedication to your company's success. 

Military Veteran Employment Initiative

We specialize in placing military veterans in pivotal roles within EHS&S, addressing organizations' unique staffing needs. We recognize the valuable skills, discipline, and dedication that veterans bring to the table, contributing to a diverse and dynamic workforce. 


Innovative Technology Integration

Going beyond traditional EHS&S consulting, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge compliance software and Learning Management Systems (LMS). This ensures that your business not only stays ahead in training but also maintains regulatory compliance effortlessly, giving you a competitive edge in the market.​


Our Commitment

At Element Services, our commitment is unwavering — to simplify intricate regulations, ease talent acquisition, and optimize compliance costs. Elevate your experience with us, where dedication meets distinction, and let Element Services be your strategic ally in transforming challenges into opportunities. Choose a partner committed to your success; choose Element Services


President & Managing Principal

Marcus V. Payton

With a foundation deeply rooted in military service, I have navigated a journey of continuous growth. My experience in leadership roles in the United States Marine Corps and United States Army equipped me with a unique skill set focusing on risk management and hazard mitigation.


Transitioning into the civilian workforce, I leveraged this foundation to excel in Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) positions within multiple Fortune 500 companies. I innovated cutting-edge EHS&S programs and executed significant projects across diverse sectors.


My extensive corporate background has equipped me to spearhead EHS&S initiatives effectively. Currently, I oversee recruiting, consultancy, and technology ventures while managing environmental compliance across an expansive 11-state region. I collaborate closely with clients and advisors to innovate EHS&S programs in manufacturing, logistics, construction, and energy sectors.


My expertise in environmental health and safety, developed through military service and refined in various professional environments, serves as a cornerstone for my current role. This comprehensive background allows me to navigate complex challenges and implement robust EHS&S protocols that exceed industry standards, contributing to a safer and more sustainable future.

SMU Lyle Sustainability Owned Business
SFA Alumni owned business
wku alumni ehs

Contact Me

I'm constantly seeking connections interested in EHS&S positions and businesses looking to bring aboard exceptional candidates. If you're interested in utilizing state-of-the-art safety and learning management software or require EHS advisory services, let's connect and explore potential collaborations.

(214) 989-6588

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EHS Technology Solutions Architect

Cory White

Cory White brings over 12 years of diverse expertise in safety, health, environmental, energy, and sustainability across multiple industries, including construction, medical devices, explosives, and plastics.


Throughout his career, Cory has assisted over 45 businesses in achieving compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations, thereby preventing potential fines exceeding $23,000,000 and contributing over $400,000 to his clients' bottom line.


With a focus on empowering EHS professionals, Cory leverages his background to drive excellence in safety, health, environmental, energy, and sustainability practices through innovative technology solutions. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Public Health, Cory furthered his education at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, earning a master’s degree in Environmental, Health, and Safety Management.


Currently, Cory holds the responsibility of implementing our Proact EHS technology solutions within organizations, encompassing needs assessment, plan selection and design, implementation oversight, and ensuring seamless integration to meet regulatory compliance and organizational objectives.


Contact Me

(715) 202-6700

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